Inside of Babil

We are a mobile game development company based in Istanbul

About Us

For 10 years, we have been making mobile users around the world happy with our inspiring games. We are an energetic, inspiring and creative team that enjoys what we do and manage to provide happy moments to millions of mobile users.

We are trend-setters

We create awesome games and with our experience we can set the trend for everyone to follow us.

Exceed limits

Increase your creativity day by day. Become stronger with teamwork and be an expert at this job.

Ideation meetings

Have team fun days, company and holiday events.
Be one of the creators of popular games.
Enjoy your work.

Know-how comes from experience

Thanks to dozens of mobile games we have created with our team, we manage to stay up-to-date by developing the games that everyone wants to play.

Game tournaments

If you like to play, think and develop games, and want to exceed the limits of your creativity, we would like to see you as a part of our team

Know how to celebrate victories

Every small victory deserves a celebration. Birthdays, holidays, game days, massage days, game launches and every Friday is a reason to celebrate!

Expanding on new cities

Babil studios was established in Turkey. In addition to the headquarters of Babil in Istanbul, it also has expanding at Adana and many cities to come.

Join our team-create games played by millions